Sunset necklace

Sunset necklace

Delicate sterling silver necklace inspired by the colors of the sunrise. A magical moment translated into timeless piece of jewellery. Combines great with necklace Luna.


The sterling silver tubes are plated in 14 kt yellow gold; 18kt yellow gold and 14 kt red gold, which gives a beautiful color gradient. The tubes move freely over the 0.9 mm thick chain and vary in thickness and structure, which creates a playful effect. Just as no sunrise is same, so is every necklace slightly different.

  • Materiaal: Sterling zilver gebeitst en verguld: 14kt en 18 kt geelgoud en 14kt roodgoud.

    Ketting: Sterling zilver anker collier 0,9 mm.

    Slot: veerring

    Afmeting: buisjes: 50 mm. breed

    Gewicht: 2,0 gr.