Sol, Luna & Aurora necklace

Sol, Luna & Aurora necklace

Set of 3 sterling silver necklaces. Gorgeous when worn together, but also great on their own.


Gold and the sun belong together, just like silver and the moon. The siblings Sol, Luna and Aurora, from Roman mythology, are the inspiration for these necklaces. Aurora is the personification of the dawn, the first light of the day. Her brother Sol embodies the sun and her sister Luna the moon.


The necklaces vary in length to create a nice layering. The gold plated pendants move freely over the delicate 0.9 mm thick chain. Their matte surface finish gives a subtle sparkle. Pendant Sol is 18kt yellow gold plated like the bright afternoon sun and Aurora is plated in worm 14 kt red gold.


Luna: 42 cm long

Sol: 45 long

Aurora: 50 cm long


  • Materiaal: sterling zilver verguld: 18kt geelgoud en 14kt roodgoud

    Afmeting: diameter Luna: 10,5 cm; diameter Sol: 14 cm; diameter Aurora: 19cm.

    Gewicht:Luna1,8gr.; Sol2,6 gr.; Aurora 3,7gr.