One of a kind, handmade wedding and engagement rings 

How I work.

Perhaps you already have some idea about what you want, or maybe it's still a bit unclear. Designing rings, personal and unique like the love you have for one another, begins with a good conversation. Over a cup of coffee or tea we will try to find out what you are looking for in your ring and why. Do you want your ring to remind you of a special moment, thought or feeling? Is there any symbolism you want to incorporate?

When the general direction is clear I will start to work on the design, and give you a few options. Sometimes it can be helpful to see some sketches or samples, which we will discus in a follow up appointment. When all is clear and decided I will begin making the rings. I make every ring myself, by hand and will send you pictures regularly so you can enjoy the proces with me. 

Prices start from 1500 euro for golden wedding rings and 750 for sterling silver rings. If you want, I can use family gold and vintage diamonds for your ring.